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The Pirate is “The King of Lobster Rolls”, and a branch of fast food seafood restaurants located in Edmundston, New Brunswick. We serve a wide array of both seafood and non-seafood items, ranging from lobster rolls, scallops and shrimps; through cheeseburgers and poutines; to Canadian-style breakfasts. In addition, we also supply live or freshly cooked whole lobsters to go.


Perry Francis opens a fish shop called “La Shop de Poisson” in Bouctouche, where, at the beginning, he mainly focuses on selling fresh lobster and lobster rolls.
The business is renamed “Pirate de la mer”.
Perry Francis opens a second location on Madawaska Maliseet First Nation’s reserve, in the Edmundston area.
Pirate de la mer’s Edmundston location is acquired by Karl Poirier.
In order to make the brand fully bilingual, Karl Poirier changes the official name of the business to “Le Pirate (French) / The Pirate (English)”.
Karl Poirier opens a second location in Edmundston, at Grey Rock Power Centre, inside Edmundston Truck Stop.
Nowadays, The Pirate is a renowned and well-established branch of restaurants in Edmundston, for both local folks and tourists. The restaurant chain still aims at serving the “best lobster roll in town”, but also serves a wide array of seafood and non-seafood fast food items, in addition to selling fresh (whole) lobster.

Main Street Location

1791-A Main Street
Edmundston, NB
Canada E7C 1W9
1 (506) 735-7111
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Grey Rock Location

Edmundston Truck Stop
100 Grey Rock Rd (M.M.F.N.)
Edmundston, NB
Canada E7C 0B6
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